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Site planning that rigorously

considers every aspect and space.

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Professionals who are experts in their fields and who believe that ongoing training and keeping current with trends is vital in reinforcing this expertise is part of what makes Paragon Associates stand out. Your project will benefit from this diligence.

The best possible site solutions


The best design solutions involve a thorough understanding of environmental concerns and regulatory requirements that by definition change rapidly. At Paragon Associates, you'll not only find an agile team of knowledgeable professionals but people who believe in working with you, the client, to make the best happen.

Site planning that is always relevant and dependable

• Working with federal and local storm water


• Water, sanitary, and storm water system


• Right-of-way and highway issues

• Landscaping and erosion control

• Bid document preparation

The planning and design of your site involves a complex web of considerations and activities. Depend on Paragon to grasp the overall situation paying strong attention to all the details on every level.    

Always balancing your needs with outside project constraints.

Our services

Planning and design

In depth understanding of and interpretation of geotechnical issues, topography, coordinating with municipal authorities in regards to traffic control and issues, and balancing your project needs against a myriad of constraints will always serve as Paragon Associates’ planning goals.

Your goal and Paragon Associates' - one and the same