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Our creative team welcomes the opportunity to discuss your landscape architectural needs and visions.

Landscape Architecture LA Field

One of the most critical aspects of site design is a deep understanding of the character of the landscape. Only the most thoughtful, engineered approach to the terrain can produce a distinctive, environmentally conscientious, yet cost-effective design.

Understanding the nature of the site



Whether it is the grounds of an athletic facility, the trails in a park, a commercial site creation or a private residence, your project will benefit from Paragon's considerable and dependable experience and knowledge of the geographic area. Its unique characteristics will be incorporated in good use.

Landscape architecture

  • Site analysis and layout

  • Erosion control

  • Storm water management

  • Site grading  

  • Retaining wall system design

  • Circulation and parking

  • Planting and maintenance plans

Planning for and designing your outdoor environment involves incorporating multiple disciplines from horticulture and ecology to the fine arts and engineering to create an organic and fully functional site.

Throughout the design process, you will gain an incisive understanding of your entire project from the beginning to final completion.

Our services

Paragon Associates knows

In addition to landscape architectural services, you'll find complete surveying services, detailed site planning, and civil engineering services including storm water management and infrastructure design. All services are rendered with exceptional skill by Paragon Associates professionals.

Your project from concept to completion